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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 6, 2015 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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at 8:00, a violent night in the district. more than half a dozen people shot in the overnight hours. we're going to bring you a live report from the scene of a triple shooting. in just a few hours, family and friends will say a final good-bye to the vice president's son beau biden. good morning, everyone. it is saturday, june 6th. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm david culver. welcome back to news4 today. we want to start you off on this saturday with hopefully some good news. it's been a few days of some rain. meteorologist chuck bell saying we can finally possibly get a break from that. >> we'll get a little break from the rain chances today compared to the last couple days. that will make it a little bit warmer. there will be chances for rain today, but no washouts are coming. storm team 4 radar, though tracking the drops first thing this morning. these are literally the only
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drops in the nation first thing. these are up here in baltimore county and howard county. that's the only game in town for now. dense fog advisory remains in place. but on the whole not much to worry about here. had about as much time today and go down to about sundown this evening. temperatures are all in the 60s this evening. prince frederick today, 67 at 9:00 a.m. 78 at 2:00 this afternoon. 75 by 7:00 p.m. off and on rain chances linger between 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. tonight. no washouts. if headed to the baseball game today, maybe a quick delay but the game will get in. >> all right. thanks. all new this morning, seven people hurt in five separate shootings in the district overnight. this all started just after midnight with a shooting on eighth street southeast. and the violence continued throughout the city including a
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triple shooting in southwest. derrick ward is live on irvington street on how d.c. police are investigating this. derrick? >> reporter: indeed. you can see they remain on the scene here on the 100 block of irvington. this shooting happened around 2:15 a.m. we have some video from the scene earlier this morning. three people were shot. we understand all victims are males. all seemed to have survived the shootings. there are no suspects in the shooting now. they've just taken off some crime scene tape. investigators are trying to piece this all together. part of a violent equation. they hope it will not be repeated this evening. we're live in southwest, derrick ward, news4. >> thanks. right now recovery teams are on the potomac river to search for a missing man.
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marco reyes-sanchez went missing on wednesday. the team returned an hour ago to begin looking for his body. the fire department thinks a strong current pulled rayes-sanchez under the water. beau biden will be buried today. president obama will give the eulogy. thousands are expected to attend the funeral in wilmington delaware, today. pst it's going to start at 11:00 a.m. this morning. he died after a long battle with brain cancer. and thousands of you have taken to social media to pay your respects to beau biden. politicians both past and present praised his service to the country. we want to start off with former pennsylvania governor ed rendell taking to twitter saying that biden was a leader who did great things for delaware and the u.s. and then we want to share with you that president obama will give the eulogy today.
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now, vice president joe biden says that he asked the president to give therelationship goes beyond the political world. comments also showing up on twitter this morning as we learn that general army chief of staff and biden's children will deliver eulogies. family and friends will say good-bye to a d.c. reporter today. charnice milton's service will start at 10:00 this morning. there was a wake for her last night. the 27-year-old was gunned down last week at the intersection of alabama avenue and good hope road. take a look at this video here. police say it shows several possible persons of interest. they're asking you to give them a call if you recognize any of the people on these dirt bikes. prince george's county police are cracking down on driver who is slow down for school zone speed cameras then take off. the new camera is called a dragon cam.
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it is a hand held device that's like a radar gun but photo camera all in one. prince george's county is the second jurisdiction to use this device. they plan to use it in 146 school zones around the county to catch the speeders. >> what we're trying to do is move our equipment around and make the best use of the equipment and to have the biggest effect as far as to get motorists to slow down. >> if you are caught speeding within the first 30 days, you are going to get a warning. but after that you're looking at a $40 ticket. today you'll finally have a place to take your dog to play with other dogs in stafford county. the county's first dog park will open up this morning in falmouth. there are three separate parks. one for small dogs less than 30 pounds and another for bigger dogs more than 31 pounds. there's also a huge open area so you can play fetch with your dog. hard to believe the first one in the county.
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>> i know. all the dogs want to get out and have a good time. great service. >> perfect timing. we're looking at five minutes after the 8:00 hour. still ahead, rediscovering cuba after five decades. my pal here, david culver takes an amazing journey back to the island with his family. >> looking forward to sharing that with you. also today, you can celebrate fairfax. we're live with all the things you can do with your family this weekend. we're back after this.
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back at 8:08. this morning i invite you to travel to cuba with me and my family. it's a return trip 54 years in the making. you see, my mother's family fled the island nation back in 1961 following the revolution. growing up in northern virginia my cousins and i would hear story after story about just what cuba was. this journey allowed us to retrace my family's lives on the
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island visiting the old family business and reuniting with relatives. here's a look at the moment when my grandmother who we call mimi spotted the place she first saw my grandfather. take a listen. ♪ >> reporter: santiago cuba's main square is picturesque surrounded by beautiful buildings. this one mimi knew well. this is where you met papi. >> that's true. that's true. >> reporter: it's the hotel casa granda. my grandfather was visiting santiago with his family. he saw you and he followed you. my grandmother just 17 was collecting money here for the catholic youth group. you said you were going to be singing. and he said he wanted to go. he just followed you.
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you didn't say anything. that bold pursuit paid off for my grandfather. a lot of old memories there that we go back through. right after news4 today you can see my "rediscovering cuba: a journey home." it starts at 8:30. i'm going to be live tweeting during the special. join in on twitter. >> those pictures are something else. >> it is an incredible experience. i'm fortunate to share that. >> looking forward to it. next story hack attack. you may get a notice about that massive data breach if you work for the government come monday morning. which agencies may be affected. then we're going to check out celebrate fairfax. it's happening today. we're going to go live there to show you what you can expect if you want to head out with family.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. may be one of the millions of friends and coworkers who gets an e-mail from the government on monday saying they've been hacked. the breach affects 4 million current and former federal workers. we've learned that breach, it dates back to 30 years ago to 1985 and affects nearly every government agency. officials say that some names social security numbers job assignments and training information could all be compromised. well if you want something to do with your family this weekend, you can celebrate
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fairfax with news4 today. >> always a fun event. organizers right now are setting up the festival at the fairfax county government center. it's going to go all day today up until midnight. let's go out there live right now. we're joined by jason chung on the board of directors. good morning. give us an idea of what folks can expect as they head out. >> good morning. we have a great day. we have a great set of events. go to celebrate to get your discounted tickets for today and tomorrow. we've got 3 doors down coming in later tonight. you've got the festival the rides right behind me. you've got a lot of great vendors. we're celebrating fairfax. official county fair for fairfax but we truly represent the whole region and the state. so welcome you guys to come out and enjoy and have a great day with your families. >> love you're bringing a little kryptonite to fairfax. 3 doors down, that's going to be a party. let's talk about the parking situation. i know that's something that's important to parents that are bringing more than one child and
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more importantly kids in strollers. >> sure. sure. so way parking is up we have these great fairfax connector buses out of fair oaks mall. if you go to the mall, there's plenty of free parking. there's bus stops along the outer rim of the fairfax -- out of the mall. and you can just park your car, get on the bus with your strollers children, and it'll drop you off in front of our gates here -- >> i think our signal with jason just broke up there. >> oh no. >> as he was pointing out it's actually pretty easy for folk who is want to head out there to park. >> it starts at 10:00 when does it end? >> midnight. >> and they've got fireworks too. >> then there's an afterparty. at the fairfax government center, come on now. no, but really that's a great event. we didn't even get to the food part of it. they have the carnival boxes set up. you can get the elephant ear or the funnel cake, whatever you
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call it. >> elephant ear? >> yeah. deep fried oreos. my goodness. >> some of us are going to be out there. >> what about fried butter? do they have fried butter? >> i'd do that too. anything fried. >> jim handly is going to be out there from noon to 2:00 today. i'll join him as well as. and julie carey will be out there tomorrow. are you going to be out there? >> i want to go running this afternoon when i get home from work. then if i can get showered and cleaned up and go out there, i'll go this afternoon. >> then you earn ed the deep fried oreo after the run. win/win. >> why do we run? well the shirt usually says run for beer. but i usually run for cookies. if you're getting ready to lace them up and head out for a jog, another day with very good running weather across the area. no super stifling heat or humidity to deal with today. we've got sunshine out there for now. a fair amount of cloud cover still across the area as well. but not much rain to interrupt the first part of your weekend.
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you will be dealing with rain chances later on today. but for now we're off to a mostly dry start. there's the view from over downtown. beautiful day to be outside so far. and rain chances today yes, they're there. but they're not the kind of rain that's going to ruin your whole day. these are going to be quick passing showers we'll deal with this afternoon. and no severe weather expected either. so just rain. 69 degrees at national airport right now. temperatures are definitely on their way up. 64 gaithersburg. 67 in baltimore. lees burg ashburn in the mid-60s now. your running forecast there you go. a nice mild start. temperatures in the 70s pretty much all day long today so that is good running weather for sure. could be dealing with a chance for showers later on though. here's the way our high resolution model picks up on the rain. chance for shower in the bay bridge here in the next couple minutes. with daytime heating, there's a lot of moisture in the
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atmosphere. it won't take much to bubble these up. notice how hit and miss the rain chances are. these are not the prolonged rain chances. these are just coming and going. by noon, chances for showers in the shenandoah valley in the metro. most of the rain is going to be basically south of root 50 going into southern maryland. and the rain chances will linger longest along i-95. if you're going out on the bay today, you might actually get rained on two or three separate occasions. rain chances again go down with time. especially the farther west you live or travel with the course of the day progressing. so then there's your rain chances for today. everyone has a chance, but more sustained rain chances today east of i-95. rain chances timing it out, small chances of rain this morning. but by 2:00 this morning you saw on future weather. here's that chance for hit and miss showers. most of them peaking about 2:00 and 5:00. then drying out once again. if you're going out to celebrate
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fairfax today, fireworks show should be rain free. though i can't rule out the grass being a little wet at first. so there's that one little shower right there along the river headed down towards annapolis. that's really just about it for right now. then for tomorrow, if you're making the trip down to the beach, tomorrow's going to be the better pool and beach day no matter where you are. whether you're here locally or going down the coastline, showers at the beaches likely for today. so if your friends left you at home for the weekend like they did me it's raining on them today. then for tomorrow, chilly but dry weather and a little breezy as well at the coastline. for us today, we'll start out with clouds. but i think we'll ends up with a fair amount of sunshine for tomorrow. and that is going to be the prettier day this weekend. what about the seven-day forecast? what about summertime? what about 90 degrees? when do we get back to that? not long everybody. it's june in washington. we should be back to 90 degrees or better by thursday of this upcoming week. our best chance for rain is a little shower chance today.
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our best chance for thunderstorms is monday afternoon and monday evening. but compared to the long cloudy, cool stretch of weather we've had since tuesday, it's going to feel and look a lot different around here next week. >> wow. it's made it a long week with that kind of weather. >> it was good running weather though, i'll tell you. got extra miles in. >> clearing out just in time for celebrate fairfax. angie pointed out to me during your forecast, she actually had four deep fried oreos last year. >> yeah. >> did you save any for anyone else? >> because he said he never had one. i was like, you are missing out. but don't eat four. because it's one of these things where you're eating it and you're like this is heaven and then all of a sudden, you're like, i feel ill. but it was worth it. >> i'll just go with one. >> i don't want even know what to say to that. four oreos deep fried. >> you don't have to say anything. mental health american wrapped up their annual
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conference. we wanted to show pictures. headlining the luncheon was glennon doyle. she came to share her story about overcoming anxiety and mental health issues. you could see it was a huge packed crowd in there. the line to see her was amazing. also carrie williams speaking very inspiring story about how we need to break the stigma that mental health world and industry. and one of the things that glennon said was when you pull that darkness into the light, it's not that scary anymore. and she's talking about people coming to terms with their mental illness and being able to talk about it and ask for help. and so really such an amazing conference and they honored nbc4 for the changing minds campaign. >> been a big effort here. great event there. today you can part of an effort to clean up the c & o canal. nonprofits bringing out
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volunteers to fletcher's cove to help take away trash. it's off canal road northwest. volunteers are meeting there in less than an hour at 9:00. the time now looking at 8:22. we could witness history today. >> that's right app horse going for the triple crown. we're going to be live from the belmont stakes.
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well, it is a big day for horse racing fans.
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today final preparations are underway for the 147th belmont stakes. >> american pharoah going to attempt to become the first thoroughbred to win the triple crown since 1978. affirmed was the last horse to sweep all three races. jay gray has the latest from belmont park. >> reporter: a beautiful day shaping up here finally. we had some rain earlier this morning but the sun starting to peak peek through the clouds here. by post time it should be perfect for racing. it could be a historic day as you talked about. we heard from the trainers. we have heard from the owners. american pharoah seems to be ready. even opposing trainers saying this looks very strong coming into this race. if you've got to find a spoiler or a dark horse if you will in this race you might want to consider frosted or materiality. be both of those horses are strong runners. they took off the middle race to rest up for this run and to take
8:26 am
on american pharoah as it turns out. that's something that has been a problem for triple crown contenders through the last 40 years or so, having these fresh horses come in after they've run both races and will run all three. so it'll be interesting to see if that plays a part. of course the hype all the talk coming into this and the pressure of doing what no horse has done for almost 40 years. should be a fantastic day at the track. and of course you can only see it right here on nbc. back to you. >> certainly going to make for great television. thanks so much, jay. >> as jay mentioned, you can catch all of the action today from belmont park only right here on nbc4. the coverage starts at 4:30 this afternoon. a lot of folks looking forward to what should be an exciting race. >> so american pharoah? you guys all in? >> my money's on frosted. it's a weather term. that's how i pick it.
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>> no triple crown then. >> i know. it's just exciting for the sport for all of us. so weatherwise it looks like we're not out of the clouds just yet. going to be a little bit of rain. >> yeah. we're off to a dry start. the kind of rain we're facing today, it's not those long period of soak rains that ruin your day. it's those 15 30-minute long rain showers. >> well, that's going to do it for news4 today. but you've got something coming up. >> that's right. let's go to cuba. join me next for
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90 miles south of florida, with a population more than 11 million sits the caribbean's largest island. welcome to cuba. its beauty temperatures american tourists prohibited from traveling here since the embarkogon in 1971. now a new wave of relations promising change, what that will mean for those exiled as well as those living in cuba remains a mystery.


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